How to guarantee a secure system crash
by avoiding any change of a fatal course?:

about our societiesī and economiesī
current dilemma: Everybody screams "System crisis!"
and "We need new solutions to avoid collaps!" - but
nearly nobody wants to change their attitude or
actions. Greenwashing instead of ecological
revolution is the best example. So we rush like
a herd of Lemmings towards the abyss and let
real problem solvers starve beside our runway
 Why is it like that? And how can we get out
  of this dangerous mass psychosis? With a
lot of black humour and professional background
knowledge about societies history, dynamics
and mass psychology, I will try tenderly to open
my audienceīs eyes to recognize in which swamp
we have manoeuvered ourselves and how we can
pull ourselves out by at our own free will to create
a better future.  I can only advice my webinar for
people, who are able to laugh about themselves
 and jump over their own shadow. Interested
ones may contact me and demand
a webinar date of their choice.

Some topics I will talk about:

-  Ignoring, that we live in a system slavery
and pretending, that this is a free society.
But treating people, as if they were
born to serve our needs and
to adore our success to do so.

- Ignoring human nature and itīs
biological, social and cultural needs.
Replacing them with artificial and addictive
replacement needs, which can be easily
and endlessly exploited parasitically.

- Ignoring humanity and pretending,
that we are just biological machines,
meant to function in our current
civilizationīs matrix as batteries
for the world running machinery.

- Ignoring, that Earth is a living being
and the cosmos is intelligent, by
believing in the materialistic
worldview, that everything
is dead and unconscious
and evolution mere
coincidence, so one
can carelessly exploit
life teaming paradises
into dying deserts.

- Ignoring,
that our current
economy is not buildt
to serve the people, but
to make the people servile
and odedient to the ruling elites
and their paradigmīs propaganda.
Telling oneself and oneīs peers:
"No, this is not predator
capitalism - itīs the best,
we can do for our
beloved sheeple!"

- Ignoring, that sciences
and media, which are bribed
and manipulated by powerfull lobbies,
will not provide us with valuable informations
about our situation and how to fix it properly.

- Ignoring, that masses of patents for valuable
abundance creating technologies get bought
and hidden away by Tech Giants, who want
to preserve their old-school profits-from-
scarcity-economy at all common costs.

... and  much much more
hardcore black humour
to come and surprise you,
counterparted and balanced
by lotīs of white humorous hints,
how to fix things truely and successfuly.
So letīs have some fun together
and shake your worldview in a
healthy and liberating way, which
will open up new perspectives for you
to solve our current common problems.

The webinar will contain an 1 hour video course,
with theoretical inspirations and practical exercises
to reflect and rethink your current worldview,
followed by a video conference Q&A
and a personalized video coaching
for your individual questions
and need-to-knows.

. . . .
Price: 5 Ounces of fine silver
Or the current silver price in Fiat-currency
or Bitcoin. Payable by webinar booking.
Expiration in case of withdrawl.

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