The electro-magnetic age has merely begun.
We are already used to electricity, electric motors,
radiowaves and information streaming via mobile
phone, but thatīs still nothing in comparison with
what lies ahead. Currently a paradigm shift occurs
in the crown of all sciences: Cosmology turns from
an overaged gravitational astronomy slowly towards
an electro-magnetic Plasmacosmology. In a cosmos
consisting of more than 99% ionized plasma every-
thing is electro-magnetically swinging and spinning
and spiraling, driven by the electric polarity of plus
and minus, proton and electron dancing around
each other, creating a swinging, spinning magnetic
field like a standing wave, which interacts with
other magnetic fields around. "Solid" matter
and all physical bodies appear as the
energetically condensed and compressed
cores of their wider magnetic fields, which size
depends on the strength of their electric currents
as well as the capacity to store and organize plasma
in itīs boundaries. So humans, animals, plants, even
stones, planets and stars have a swinging, spinning
electro-magnetic energy torus around them, which
defines their bodies and interacts energetically with
their neighbours fields. Since humans live inside the
Earthīs magnetic field and that dwells in the one
of the sun, and this in the galaxies one and that
in the cosmic field of all universe - since then
is getīs clearer how everything is entangled
in ONE huge electro-magnetic ocean of
waves inside waves inside waves,
driven by the forces of plasma,
informed and organized by
communicating wavefields.
This in mind, it becomes obvious,
that plasma physicists and eletrical
engineers are going to become the most
influential professions of the dawning age
 of electro-magnetism, together with the refiners
of their technologies, like hardware builders,
software programmers, sound engineers,
energy healers and diverse other upcoming
electro-magnetic professions. Thereīs a whole
new world of possibilities to be explored,
developed and utilized. The Think Tank
electro-magnetic scene in itīs wholeness
and envisions possible development
strategies for new technologies, industries,
products, services and information flows.

The development initiative
is an attempt to connect scientists and engineers,
inventors and investors to 1.) upscale existing
electro-magnetic pioneer technologies
for their global implementation and
2.) to focalize and boost the
development of selected
electromagnetic future technologies
from vision to elaboration to
prototype to industrialisation.



In a plasma chamber the plasma atmosphere of
an artificial mini sun is created with high voltage
between a central anode and the chamberwall as
cathode. An electric fusion of the plasma gas in
the chamber with the anode creates much more
energy output than input, which can be harvested
as heat and turned into electricity. Electric fusion
runs with much lower costs and energy than nuclear
fusion reactors - and produces no radioactive waste.
Instead it can even neutralize radioactive waste of
nuclear power plants as side effect - and itīs even
able to create diverse elements by fusion. Lithium
is a good example that could be very interesting
to be produced artificially through electric fusion.

Current state of the technology:

Technology scientifically elaborated and
technically mastered by plasma physicist and
electrical engineers of the SAFIRE PROJECT,
founded by Montgomery Childs and funded
by the International Science Foundation.

The company AUREON ENERGY LTD in
California was founded by members of the
SAFIRE PROJECT to build and further develop
electric fusion plasma reactors. For upscaling
the technology on global industrialisation level,
the founders are currently looking for investors.

More infos:



Background informations about the current
paradigm shift towards PLASMA COSMOLOGY



A vortex is a spinning electro-magnetic energy field
in form of a plasma torus. Every human electro-
magnetic field is such a plasma vortex, which is
driving our physical and psychical energy flows
like a motor. In the same way we have a little
plasma vortex motor running in our heart as
the bioelectric pacemaker for our heartbeat.
When it stops  - we die. The energy to run
the biovortices of our body, heart, brain and
other organs we gain from chemo-electric fuels
like food and breath as well as   from sunbathing,
electron collection through our bare feet and other
environmental sources. Like a battery we can
store and release electric energy in the chemical
form of nutrients, which feed physical and
psychical activity through complex
electro-magnetic reaction chains.

An electro-magnetic motor
follows similar principles. An electric
current is fed from an outside energy
source into a coiled wire, which drives
through conduction currents a motors
physical forces for human uses like machine
driving. The outside source is an actual
electricity flow coming out of the public electric
grid or from a chemo-electric battery or any other
capacitor, in which formerly produced energy
was stored to be released for later need.

Spinning plasma vortices can be
produced not only inside electric motors
by an electrified coil, but in the space between
an electrified coil underneath and a metal object
above, which begins to spin within the electro-magnetic
field of the coil. The most interesting observation is,
that such a spinning electro-magnetic field can not only
spin a physical object above, but with increasing
spin velocity can even overcome gravity and elevate
the object. Thatīs the experimentally proofen basic
physical insight to build plasma vortex motors upon.
Or to put in other words: Gravity in the electro-
magnetic worldview is not a force by itīs own,
but a form of electro-magnetism, in which
electron and proton are not in the free state
of plasma, but bound together in an atom.
Therefore free electro-magnetic plasma
flow has much, much stronger physical
forces then in itīs gravitationally bound
physical atomic form. And this difference
in force strength can be used to overcome
physical gravity by electro-magnetic propulsion.
To reach this goal it makes sense to study already
existing vortex motor technologies like Viktor
Schaubergers "Repulsine", which is an air
vortex motor, that can propell vehicles
by using a high velocity spinning air
vortex. This principle could be used
to produce an electrified spinning
plasma vortex, which uses electro-
magnetic forces to move a vehicle
inside the Earthīs electro-magnetic
field alike the suns electric-magnetic
field for interplanetary space travelling.
For reaching the extrem high spin velocities
needed for this task, a plasma vortex motor
would work as an implosion motor, that is
not pushing the vehicle forward against
growing environmental resistance like an
explosion motor of a rocket, but pulling it
instead into a vaccuum in front of the
vehicle with ever lesser resistance.
So this kind of anti gravity drive
could reach much higher space
travel velocities than rockets.
As energy source could be used
an electric fusion reactor like described
above. How to realize such a plasma vortex
motor driven vehicle exactly and how to solve
all the occuring technological challenges on
the way will be our upcoming task now.

Current state of the technology:

Diverse scientific and technological pioneer projects
suggest the practicability of plasma vortex motors.
Challenge is still to fully understand and handle the
science behind the technological potential. Itīs a
good time for brainstorming, experimenting and
elaborating new technologies. Inventors paradise.
For investors it could be quite interesting to invest
risk capital, because the experimental costs to build
smaller prototype motors will not be skyrocketing, but
the profits from providing automotives of all kind with
plasma vortex motors and take traffic from the ground
to the air and further into space would be extraordinary.

The Think Tank EVOLUTION LEAPERS envisions,
foculizes and coordinates the development of plasma
vortex motors. Inventors like investors are heartly
welcome to contact us:

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